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At the beginning, there was indeed the word… // nevertheless, the band named U2 Revival was formed in May 2011. Compared to the original (which played as a quartet), U2 Revival initially had 5 members. Keyboards play a significant role in U2 songs, so they were part of the first lineup: Michal Škola (vocals, acoustic guitar), Michal Krninský (electric guitar), Vojta "Bagr" Hrdlička (bass), Venda (drums), Martin Brůžek (keyboards). The repertoire is planned as a cross-section of U2's work, featuring their biggest hits: One, With or Without You, Beautiful Day, Desire, Angel of Harlem, and more.

2012 - 2013

This is a period of significant personnel changes. In June 2012, Tomáš Potůček joins as the guitarist, and Jirka Hájek takes over on drums. In November, Jan Militký initially takes on the role of The Edge, and in early 2013, Ivo Chlaň becomes the guitarist, bringing youth and new dynamics. Martin Brůžek leaves the band, and keyboards are replaced in some songs using samples. On stage, therefore (similarly to the original), you will see "only" 4 musicians.


The longest-lasting lineup lasts for 2 years and embarks on the MAGNIFICENT TOUR. The farthest location is the Slovak city of Žilina.


In early 2015, Jirka Kovář becomes (the fifth in line) The Edge in U2 Revival, and "Mohican" Vojta /Bagr/ Hrdlička, who held the bass line for the entire 4 years since its inception, is replaced by Honza Zaoral. Due to personnel changes, there are fewer concerts.

2016 - 2019

The following years proceed without changes in the lineup but with breaks. After a concert in Dolní Morava, where U2 Revival opens the ski season (conditions are not ideal for outdoor performance), a break occurs – Michal's vocal cords go on strike for 4 months. Another obstacle is a greater workload outside the band. However, in 2018, U2 Revival starts with optimism, expecting plenty of gigs in clubs, halls, and open-air events.


The string of concerts starts promisingly but is immediately hit by two heavy blows. The Covid pandemic is recorded in the band's life and touring for more than two years. The worse and much more painful event is the tragic departure of drummer Jirka Hájek in June 2020.

2021 - 2022

At the beginning of 2021, Radim Koníř takes over on drums, and the band rehearses intensively. They prepare new promotional material, edit videos from concerts. The idea of an acoustic unplugged version of the program (not only for smaller spaces) emerges, and the band gradually works on it, successfully performing it at a private concert before the end of the year.

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