If you're searching for music full of emotions, colors, moods, expressive singing, arching guitars, diverse rhythms, pulsating bass, and a love for U2, you'll come across a quartet of South Bohemian musicians who have embraced the challenge of bringing the music of one of the world's bands to the audience, collectively forming U2 ONE.

U2 ONE revival / tribute BAND

Michal Škola (Danger), a founding member, took on the task of imitating the incomparable Bono. On stage, he not only commands vocals but also handles the guitar, harmonica, and prepares keyboard tracks.

Embarking on the never-ending quest for The Edge's guitar sound is Jirka Kovář (Estuary High Tide). True to The Edge's style, he also takes care of the piano and vocals.

With metal roots, Radim Koníř has acquired instrumental dexterity, which, combined with his keen sense for songcraft, makes him precisely suited for U2's music.

An integral part of the Irish band U2 is the Englishman Adam Clayton. In our midst, the role of the English gentleman and bassist is taken on by Jirka Polánský (Bake Rolls, Steysky).


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